Drink plenty of fluids this Valentine's Day suggests Water Wellpoint***

When it comes to keeping things steamy in the bedroom this Valentine's Day, hydration expert, Water Wellpoint is advising lovers to make sure they drink enough water. Water Wellpoint highlights research revealing the link between hydration and libido and recommends a glass of water as part of a healthy sex life.

"The benefits of hydration on libido are different for men and women, however research shows that drinking enough liquids can keep things tip top between the sheets," explains Colin Wilson B.Sc., Ph.D., of Water Wellpoint. "It is well documented that drinking sufficient fluids combats feelings of fatigue and has an immediate impact on energy levels, which in particular could also help combat decreased male libido."

Recent research from the Johns Hopkins University shows that lifestyle changes which are beneficial in reducing the likelihood of cardiovascular disease (such as improved diet, exercise or drinking more water) can actually physically improve male sexual function*. Drinking enough fluids is known to be beneficial both to the smooth working of the heart as well as in regulating blood pressure and improving blood flow to the extremities and therefore, improving erectile dysfunction problems among men**.

"The situation is more complex for women, but research still confirms that hydration is important for health and sexuality, as it benefits the mucosal membranes" continued Colin Wilson. "Drinking enough liquids improves cardiovascular health and stability, as well as general urinary tract health and function, which all go to improve women's overall health and sexual function.

"Although there is more to libido than just the physical aspects, adequate hydration is key to keeping things hot under the covers. Chocolates and champagne may be more commonly associated with Valentine's Day, but we're advising lovers to include a glass or two of water to make sure the earth moves in the bedroom."
"Thousands have lived without love, not one without water."
W. H. Auden (Poet) 1907 - 1973

*Prevalence and Risk Factors for Erectile Dysfunction in the US, Amer. J Med., 2007, 120., 151-7

**See for example 'Cardiovascular risk factors as correlates of erectile disfunction: Results of a survey of 71,503 men in Brazil', J. Amer., Coll.,Cardiol., 2004, 43, A409

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